All on board

1 ) Shall I
2 ) Let it rain
3 ) All On Board
4 ) Emily
5 ) Oh No
6 ) Madman
7 ) That’s not funny
8) I’m ready
9 ) Beyond

All on board!
Is it an invitation for a trip?
Yes, it’s a trip we’re talking about, a journey in a woman’s world, an artist, Laura TRENT, between follies of love, passion, inner life and real life, always keeping an eye on transgression, a taste for erotic, to dreams with enthusiasms and desire for life.
It’s a repeated invitation to let go, free-falling towards a new feeling, with no holding back, no fears, no thinking too much because there is no time for not having time for a new love, a choice, a decision, the courage to fall in love.

“I’m ready” she sings in one of her songs, ready to let go, transported, ready to begin a journey towards anywhere it can take.
Laura Trent, a woman and her world translated to music, where all may be the contrary of all, because a woman is made of this too, contradiction, doubt, sensibility, delicacy, fear of the unknown and what will be.
Moments with yourself where the journey this time is within yourself, searching answers, the comprehension of so much reality, often to be understood, to be tolerated, beared and to be led in your own
life experience, correcting it before it can tear your soul.

This is Laura Trent’s world, in an album that ranges over, slips away, transports, rejoices and tears, speeds up and pulls the brakes, laughs and cries.
Laura’s world somehow so similar to other women’s world,
similar worlds in which the journey is the growth element the movement of life, so much life, life that runs, covers, tirelessly climbs mountains to redescend them, looks towards the sky and speaks through the notes of an album that hits you in the middle of the heart with the strength of her choice in musical sounds.
Her hole world through her fingers entirely composed and produced by herself because the wish of expression is so big that she can’t find an end to her creativity.
And here, without presumptuousness, we can finally speak of Art!
Then all on board! And enjoy the journey!

Track list:

1 ) Shall I
2 ) Let it rain
3 ) All On Board
4 ) Emily
5 ) Oh No
6 ) Madman
7 ) That’s not funny
8) I’m ready
9 ) Beyond
All songs written by Laura Trent

Record Label

Published by

Recorded at
METROPOLIS Digital Recording Studio
Milano Italy

produced by
Laura Trent

Co- arranged by
Laura Trent & Eros Cristiani

Sound Engineer & Protools programer
Alessandro Marcantoni
Mixed by
Roberto Vernetti
Mastered By
Cristian Milani

Piano and hammond
Eros Cristiani

Vox, vocals, synth, drum loops, FX Played by
Laura Trent

Eric Cisbani

Bass guitar
Marilena Montarone

Electrect and acoustic Guitar
Nicholas Oliva
Laura Trent

Horn section
Mark Griggs
Massimiliano Paganino
Andres Villani

Stefano Cabrere
Raffaele Rebaudengo
Roberto Izzo


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