Laura Trent is a Vegas-based singer-songwriter ablaze with passion. Her choruses are forceful, emotional, eye-opening; she sings with uncommon authority, and her stories have the stamp of authentic experience. At the same time, she can wrap her sinuous lower-register around a quiet verse, and draw her listeners into an intimate kind of contact.
“WISH ME WELL”, her debut album, builds from a whisper to a shout, and both extremes are rendered with uncommon intensity.
She’s one with a taste for cinematic arrangements. Her songs are moody, mysterious, and builds to an engrossing climax.
Laura Trent’s storytelling is colorful and dramatic, too — she’s not afraid to be direct or confessional, and the temptation she faces feels palpable.
Laura Trent was born in Chicago Illinois to Italian parents, and she’s still got a strong connection to the old country.
At an early age Laura soon became very musical, why even pots and pans were a source of sound for her, any thing that made a sound she would play it and knew how to make her own music out of it.
Laura attended guitar lessons as soon as she was in her teens, performing for family gathering’s and private party’s not knowing it was her father paying her for the gigs, it was his way to encourage her to develop her skills.

It was in those magical moments she spent playing and creating her music that she clearly understood the effect it had on people, from every walk of life, the emotions, love, comfort, joy, rage, respect, sweetness and strength, that was her motivation which became her life.


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